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  • Rats and mice like poor waste management

    20th August 2016 | Blog | integ362
  • Rats and mice are attracted to your waste

    Is your waste management good? See the picture (taken in the Romford, Hornchurch area), where there's clearly not enough bins for this site. It was attracting rodents to the site. Rodents are always looking for an easy meal. We often come across this sort of poor waste management, and not surprisingly this leads to an increase of rats and mice being seen.

    You should control your waste as effectively as possible. Ensure you have enough bins, and the bin lids are closed. In addition, ensure the bungs are in place in the bottom of each bin. Make sure that the waste is collected regularly. These simple steps will help to reduce the rodent pressure in your area. Reducing rodent pressure will help prevent rodents accessing your building(s). In Essex, Kent or London - call MG Pest Control.