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  • Pigeons and solar panels

    More and more people are having solar panels installed these days. In Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster, Brentwood, Grays, Purfleet, Dagenham - all over Essex, Kent and London. The problem is that you are likely to get a pigeon issue within a couple of years of them being installed. Maybe sooner. This leads to lots of pigeons breeding under your panels. If left you'll likely end up with a dozen, perhaps 20 or more pigeons in nests, with chicks, eggs, and a lot of mess. Over the months from them moving in, your gutters eventually fill up with guano. You then get issues with rain water not flowing properly. This eventually can lead to water damage - not to mention all the noise and pathogens from the pigeons. Problem is pigeons breed all year round. In this setting you are not allowed to shoot them - that would be against the wildlife and countryside act. That could lead to an unlimited fine, and even 6 months in prison. We can solve the issue though by proofing around your panels. The pictures show a home in Hornchurch, Essex, we did this week. We'll also remove the nests and chicks - which is allowed in the circumstances - and clearing out your gutter.