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  • Rats taking over

    Our life style, and the general way of living is helping rats reproduce. As we increase in number, we produce more waste, and we live closer together. This helps the rats to find more of our food, live in more of our homes and businesses. Rats are very adaptable, and can reproduce very quickly.

    The black rat is now quite rare, because it is so fussy, only eating certain foods.

    The common rat (Norway Rat), isn't fussy, and will eat most things. Therefore, it is thriving from the way we now live. It is able to live in the sewer system. From here it can find faults in the sewer system under your home or business. These faults allow the rats access into your homes and businesses. These faults can be very difficult to locate.

    Perhaps you have a history of lots of rat sightings around your building. If the land around your home or business is right, rats will burrow into it. These burrows can be hard to find. To reduce their numbers though, you must find the burrows and bait them accordingly, and legally.

    It is very important therefore, to use a good pest control firm. MG Pest Control has a lot of experience tackling this pest, and a great track record resolving rat problems. We are able to locate weaknesses in and around buildings quite quickly, and come up with a solution. This prevents the rats from continually accessing your building. Or significantly reduces their numbers outside, so you're not seeing them.

    Whether you're in Romford, Hornchurch or Brentwood, or anywhere in Essex, Kent or London - are the rats taking over? Call MG Pest Control for help !

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