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  • Rodent proof air bricks

    Mice can gain access into cavities through very small holes - including through the holes in an air brick. They do this seeking shelter, and probably to build a nest, and to start breeding.

    The picture shows a normal air brick - not proofed. MG Pest Control can easily proof these for you with steel mesh. However, if you are terraced or in a flat, it may not make much difference. Mice can gain access anywhere along the terrace or block, and then come along to your home, via the floor, wall or roof cavities. You would need to proof the whole terrace or block to make a difference.

    If you are semi-detached, then chat to your neighbour, and have MG Pest Control proof both of you.

    For detached homes or businesses then any proofing will help, as you control your whole building. The proofing should be done only once we're confident the internal mouse issue is resolved. This helps prevent mice dying inside your building - causing smells and flies for a couple of weeks.

    Lots of homes and businesses now have plastic air vents instead of the older style clay bricks. Rodents can chew through these. A rat chewed through the plastic one pictured, taken in Thurrock recently. So, whether you're in Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster or elsewhere in Essex, Kent or London, call MG Pest Control if you need our help.