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  • Ladybirds coming in for warmth during the colder months

    24th November 2016 | Blog | integ362
  • Harlequin ladybirds invade our homes for warmth

    As the weather gets cold, harlequin ladybirds invade our homes and businesses for warmth. They have come over from the continent around 15 or so years ago. The numbers of harlequins has increased over the years. They have adapted well to our colder climate. Therefore, we are getting a fair few calls now. Both for residential and commercial properties in Essex, London and Kent. As the weather changes, they come into our homes and businesses for some warmth. Most buildings are very easy for them to gain access into. You will often find them around window and door frames, huddled in large groups. This can be a real nuisance - but it is quite easy to treat with the right insecticides. There are also things that can be done to help prevent them gaining access. For example proofing small gaps around windows and door frames, denying them access.

    Click a picture below. This takes you to an interesting article on this issue. The harlequin ladybird is different to our native ladybird. The article talks about the differences and ways to resolve the issue. Give MG Pest Control a call if you need our help or just some advice.