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  • Rats in London - Interesting article about rats and their history in London

    Rats have been around in London for centuries.


    Go to - http://londonist.com/london/history/london-rat-s-tales.

    To see an interesting article about some of their history in London.


    We find the history of this rodent in London fascinating. How people back in the day controlled rats on London's streets.

    Certainly looks like rats are here to stay. There is so much sewer system under London's streets. These sewers are full of rats. The sewer system is a perfect place for rats. Constant temperature. Water and food. Also no predators really in the sewer to control rats.

    At MG Pest Control we are finding the number of rat calls is slowly increasing. Probably this is due to the way we all live nowadays. Fast food, and the rubbish we produce. Plus we are all living closer and closer to each other. Ideal for rats seeking shelter and food.

    Rodents are opportunistic. Looking for ways to survive. Always seeking food and warmth, as well as safety.

    Often internal rat issues can be hard to diagnose. The way they find a route into a building can be very elusive. Terrace blocks are sometimes impossible to find rodent entry points. Rodents may be coming into the block somewhere else. Then coming along a floor, wall or roof cavity to you.

    Do you live in Essex, Kent or London, and have rats? Call MG Pest Control for advice, and treatment. We are very experienced at troubleshooting rat issues.