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  • Pigeon Solar Panel Proofing

    Pigeons love to nest under solar panels.

    In fact, if you have solar panels, you'll find this out within a year or so of having them - chances are.

    The pigeons will start to arrive, slow at first, but then their numbers will increase. Within a year or so, they have become a huge nuisance. Not only is there noise, but also the amount of guano they produce. As well as nesting material. Before you know it, your gutters are blocked. You also don't like opening the windows because of the noise. Also, there's more and more guano appearing on the roof, and everywhere else.

    If you are thinking of having solar panels, make sure you get them proofed at the same time, as the panels being installed. For example, the scaffold is already in place - use this for the proofing works.

    If it's too late and you have had the solar panels for a while, you now need to pay for proofing. This will likely involve scaffold costs as well. Annoying.

    Whatever proofing company you use though, note our article below - covering a very effective way for the proofing to be done. There are other methods, but we have found this is the most versatile.

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