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  • Use Legal Pest Control

    It is so important to strictly follow the CRRU Code of Best Practice (see the link). When using Pesticides.

    This will minimise any affects to non target animals.

    The directions of use on all rodenticide containers, for example, have changed some months ago. It is a legal requirement (under the biocidal product regulations) to follow the instructions (directions of use) on these containers - to the letter. Failing to do this is illegal, and could result in non targeted animals being affected. Not to mention pests (e.g. rats, mice) you want to target not being controlled as effectively.

    Illegal activity, or illegal use of rodenticide poison - could in turn lead to prosecution. See the incidents involving pesticides and animals link. Resulting in unlimited fines, and even a custodial sentence. Depending on the circumstances, this may also affect the land user and/or land owner. Not just the supplier of the pest control service.

    Therefore, if you are using a pest control supplier, do you know if your supplier is following the law? We so often come across illegal practice, when surveying sites.

    If you are unsure, and want our opinion - call MG Pest Control, and we'll survey your site. We will then report our findings to you, with recommendations.