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  • Rat Pest Control That Works

    MG Pest Control has been facing rats for years now.

    So, what works:

    1. A rat writ? NO - John Wayne's (Rooster in True Grit) test of a rat writ, writ for a rat. The rat didn't pay any attention to him.

    2. Sonic plugs - NO (why do we visit so many places with these plugs, that still have rodents?).

    3. Proofing - works but a limited effect. Noting rats can chew through most stuff - e.g. bricks, plasterboard, plastic, even lead pipe (which is metal). Usually rats get into buildings from waste system faults. If this is suspected (if no obvious external entry points) - it's key to get a drain survey (from a company experienced at this type of work), to find the fault and fix it - else new groups of rats will keep coming back.

    4. Traps - You might catch a few, but in our experience you can never get a rat problem fully controlled with just traps.

    5. Good housekeeping - control food, plus waste, and eliminate any rubbish, debris build up or other harbourage. Rats are very attracted to an easy meal, and also love hiding and nesting in secure places.

    6. Rat Poison - works every time. But, only if you know where to put it, how much, and what type. Downside is you might get a rat die somewhere you can't get to it. This leads to smells and flies, but that will pass after a week or two. Better than a live rat, chewing things and breeding.

    7. Shooting them - limited as to where you can do that, as Chin Lee told the Duke in True Grit, John Wayne's Rooster still had a rat problem, as he could only shoot the ones that sat right in front of him.

    8. Experience at controlling rats - this is vital.

    9. Follow the CRRU code of best practice - this really does work, and is essential to effective pest control. Note the link below on using legal pest control.


    SUMMARY - MG Pest Control have found through our years out there controlling rats in all environments. You need a combination of:

    Poison - the right type used in the right way.

    Proofing - locating the right places to proof, and right time (including the sewer system if needed - most likely form of entry).

    Good housekeeping.

    Experience at controlling rats - to know what you are doing when it comes to rats.

    AND - you must Follow the CRRU code of best practice - to stay safe, legal, and not harm non target animals.


    If you have a rat problem and need urgent help. If based in Essex, Kent or London - call MG Pest Control for a professional rat solution.