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  • Come Spring we start to get lots of calls about wasps. The thing is it is very early for wasps. Most of the time, the issue is in fact relating to solitary bees.

    Solitary bees are pretty harmless. There are over 200 types of solitary bee in the UK. They are great for the garden, helping pollinate flowers etc...

    Depending on who you call for help though, we know that there are quite a few firms out there that will treat the issue as if it were wasps; even when it isn't. So, bee (pardon the pun) careful. First try to identify what it is you're looking at.

    There are many sites on the internet about bees, with lots of pictures. For example - see the links below. Will take you to their sites, to read about bees:



    Another issue that occurs once the weather has warmed up a fair amount. During the Spring and Summer. Honey Bee Swarms. Note the picture above. The British Beekeepers Association has a lot of information on this (click the link below), and a service for dealing with most swarms. Sadly sometimes though, you may need our help, if the swarm has entered your building, and a beekeeper can't help.

    Of course if it is a wasp issue, then call MG Pest Control, and we'll tackle them for you. Interesting fact - there are around 9,000 species of wasp in the UK; but only a handful cause us problems. See https://www.buglife.org.uk/bugs-and-habitats/common-wasp for more information on this.

    Whether you are a company or a resident in London, Essex or Kent, call MG Pest Control for reliable, honest help.