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  • Bed Bug Problems

    It seems these days, times are hard for many, and people buy second hand goods. The problem with this is that your significantly increase your chance of also bringing in pests, especially pests like bed bugs.

    The picture is of some bed bugs that were unwittingly brought into a house in Dagenham, Essex. This picture was taken during a successful bed bug treatment by MG Pest Control.

    Do be careful if you decide to buy second hand, as this unfortunate purchase is now costing the residents of this house £700 + vat to resolve.

    Or perhaps you have stayed somewhere, that has a bed bug issue. You may then bring home some bed bugs in your luggage.

    When you stay somewhere check the bed carefully, looking for signs of bed bugs. Note the pictures below of some of the signs, and what bed bugs look like.

    Do you need more advice about the do’s and don’ts and what to look out for? Call MG Pest Control, whether you are in London, Essex or Kent - a company or a resident.