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  • Rats or Mice Droppings

    Have you found some droppings? Are they mice or rats?

    See the pictures to give you a better idea.


    Mouse droppings

    Smaller than rice grains - and dark in colour. Regular in shape.


    Rat droppings

    Are larger, and can be a bit irregular in shape. Also dark. They can vary a bit though, depending on the size of the rat, and what they are eating.



    MG Pest Control has effective solutions for either issue. Mice tend to be easier to manage. Rats can be a bit more difficult, especially when trying to work out how they are gaining access. Often in residential settings, rats gain access via a fault in the sewer system under the property somewhere. The problem is that often homes have been altered over the decades. This can create redundant sections of sewer, which if not properly sealed off, can create an access point. We work with a drain specialist (when necessary), to work out how the rats are gaining access.

    With Mice - they literally walk in through an air brick, or the smallest gap under a door, or hole around a pipe.

    If your building is only part of a larger building, then you probably can't control the areas you don't own, or occupy. Meaning any rodents in these areas, can often access your area.

    Have you found droppings, and need our help?

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