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  • Bed bug bites

    More and more these days, as times are hard, people are buying second hand goods. The problem with this is that your significantly increase your chance of also bringing in pests, especially pests like bed bugs. 

    It may also be that you have stayed somewhere. Or perhaps you have had someone stay with you. Bed bugs get into bags, belongings, and are transported around, hidden.

    Perhaps you have moved into somewhere recently, and the previous resident had a bed bug issue. After a while you then spot the bugs, probably because you are being bitten. Therefore, you are trying to find out why.

    The good news is that there are no known diseases you can catch from bed bugs. However, it is very unpleasant to have them, biting you whilst you sleep.

    Are you based in London, Kent or Essex? Do you need advice about dealing with a suspected bed bug issue? Give MG Pest Control a call - we are very experienced at getting rid of bed bugs.

    Warning - don't trust firms saying you need a heat treatment - it is an expensive con (call us and we'll explain)!