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  • The Best Way To Control Mice - Indoors

    Ways To Control Mice indoors - some of your options:

    Proof external holes - this helps. However, unless you're in a detached building, the mice can come through from adjoining properties. Mice can access the smallest holes; so it is very difficult to keep them out.

    Electronic Repeller Plug. So many properties we visit have these, but they still have mice. We therefore conclude they don't work.

    Spring Traps. In our experience of several years now in Essex, Kent and London - you can't control a mouse problem with just traps. You will catch some, but you won't get them all.

    A Cat. A cat can't go into the areas where the bulk of the mice are. The bulk of mice are in the cavities. Also, with cats they can introduce the mouse problem. They sometimes bring in a live one perhaps as a gift to their owner. Fleas are also usually (98%+) caused from owning a cat.

    Poison bait. This always works - if done correctly...... However, you need the right poisons; make sure they are well within date, and strong enough. You also need to control all other food sources. Poison must be used correctly. You need to know how to use poison, and where, as well as how much. Poison used incorrectly can harm non target animals, not to mention not control your mouse problem. With poison however, the mice might die somewhere not accessible - so you'll have a smell and perhaps some flies for a week or two. This is better though than live mice chewing things you might not want them to chew. Wires and pipes, as well as contaminating surfaces, foods, passing illnesses onto you and your family etc... Some might tell you the poison they use dries the mice out, or makes them die outside (so no smells or flies). This isn't true - so beware of (avoid) anyone saying this.

    Call MG Pest Control, if you need help with a mouse problem. If living in Hornchurch, Romford, Gidea Park, Dagenham, Barking, Rainham, Purfleet, Harold Wood, Harold Hill, Brentwood or further out.