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    You have got a pest issue.

    Tried to fix the problem yourself - no good?

    The pest repeller plugs you bought make no difference really?

    You have now called a few pest control firms, and they want a lot of money? £100's? £1,000? £2,000? Maybe they are talking about heat treatments?

    Are they saying '....don't worry the rodent will die outside.....our treatment dries them out, so no smells....'? This is a lie!

    Maybe you have added pest control to your household insurance cover? But they send a 'jack of all trades'. It hasn't worked? Or a pest control firm that hasn't cured the issue?


    Would you prefer to have local and reliable pest control cover - that works?

    You pay a small amount each month or quarter. You get a telephone number you can call any day between 8am and 8pm, and a person answers, telling you when a trained person can come over to fix the pest issue?

    Wherever you are in London, Essex or Kent - we may be able to provide cover for you - to give you real peace of mind.

    Call MG Pest Control - we really will give you honest advice. We can provide pest control cover year round, on a call out basis. You might be surprised at how inexpensive this cover is per month. Call us to find out more.