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  • Pigeon Droppings

    MG Pest Control are experienced at preventing pigeon problems. We use spikes, nets, and other proofing measures.

    This protects your property and people. MG Pest Control are experienced at cleaning up pigeon mess (guano), to get your site or home back to health. The guano causes a lot of damage. Blocking gutters, causing leaks and water damage. Guano spreads disease as well. Flies and other insects also lay eggs in the guano - causing more pest issues for your building.

    Pigeon droppings can contain very hazardous pathogens, for example, the chlamydia psittaci bacteria. This is a "...lethal intracellular bacterial species that may cause endemic avian chlamydiosis, epizootic outbreaks in mammals, and respiratory psittacosis in humans...". See the link below to the ACDP list of dangerous pathogens. Chlamydia psittaci in pigeons is hazard group 3 (worse than weil's disease, or legionnaires disease for example, which are only hazard group 2).

    Culling pigeons is allowed in some circumstances. MG Pest Control will follow the strict conditions of Natural England's General License for taking wild birds (see link below).

    This will reduce your pigeon issues, and help you stay pigeon free and legal.

    If you need help controlling pigeons, call MG Pest Control. We will be able to provide a fast solution for you.