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  • Amateur Pest Control – best strategy?

    13th November 2017 | Blog | integ362
  • Amateur Pest Control - are you sure ?

    There are lots of DIY pest control products on the market (especially on line).

    At MG Pest Control we come across more and more homes and businesses that try to treat a pest issue themselves. The pictures are from residential properties. The owners had already spent over £'s on products trying to control the pest issue. The traps and bait in the pictures were just some of the controls they had dotted around the property. They were attempting to control rodents, to protect their home and children.

    After some months and realising they were losing the battle, they called the professionals in.

    We see the DIY pest control use often, and we quickly sort the issue out, to the relief of the residents, and often for less £'s than they have already wasted.

    So often it seems people will spend sometimes hundreds on DIY products. They go through months of frustration, or years in some cases – exposing themselves, their families and businesses to the risks of an infestation. As well as all the cost and effort, with little result. Would you fix your own car, operate on a pet, fix your plumbing or electrics? Then why do some try to fix pest issues?

    We understand the urge to sort a problem out yourself though. The alternative being you have to let complete strangers into your home or business. How do you know they know what they are doing, and will charge a fair price, and possibly the neighbours will find out. But if your home, children or business are of the greatest value to you, then why not choose the best, safest and most cost effective solution?

    At MG Pest Control we are fully trained, insured, licensed and very experienced, and really will resolve your pest issue quickly and safely and for a fair cost. So, why wait – call in the professionals.