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  • Seeing mice this winter

    Mice are by far the most common pest we deal with. They love to come indoors, especially when it's cold outside.

    Once mice are in your building, they won't leave. They are also probably the most difficult pest to tackle, especially in large settings - e.g. warehouses containing food. This is why you really do need expert help.

    Mice can live off next to nothing, live in tiny hidden places, and breed very quickly if there are no predators and there's warmth, shelter and a food supply. They don't even need a water supply if the food has moisture in it. Within a year, you could have a big mouse problem on your hands.

    Asda was recently fined £664,000 for mice in one of their bakeries - Park Royal, west London. Pictures below - including droppings in buns! Asda were also forced to close the affected store for 10 days, for the issue to be resolved.

    If you are running a business selling food, you must have good pest control. If you have a mouse problem, and have lost faith that you're getting it under control - give MG Pest Control a call. We cover London, Essex and Kent. We are very experienced at tackling mice inside buildings.

    Whether it's residential or a large commercial or industrial setting we know how to get a mouse issue under control. We use various techniques to quickly gain control. We have found that most pest control companies do not use some of the techniques we use. If you are not using a pest control company that knows how we tackle mice, you probably have a mice problem.

  • Asda gets huge fine for mouse issue - click photos below to see more