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    Whether in Romford, Dagenham, Hornchurch, Upminster, Basildon, Brentwood, Purfleet - anywhere in Essex, Kent or London. At MG Pest Control we not only deal with pests but also point out other things to help you stay focused.

    We will keep you aware of other issues as well. For example rubbish, cleaning, where to place fly killers. Ask us for some of our client details, who you can call for their view of us, and why they decided to use us.

    We are not there just to fly (pardon the pun) in and out as soon as we can. We take the time necessary to make sure a thorough service visit is done. We're not perfect - but we are detailed, and will ensure you know where things can be better.

    We are constantly amazed at generally how poor the pest control industry is. We've been running our business for over 8 years, and have done at least 250 surveys of small to large sites in that time (where we've been asked to take a look). Literally we haven't found one where the incumbent PC company was doing a good job (this involved some 20 or so different PC firms work in Essex, London and North Kent). Actually we did find one a few years back that wasn't too bad, however, on a subsequent visit it had turned poor. Pretty shocking. They all ranged from poor to incredibly bad - many illegal, not to mention all effectively ripping their customers off to some degree.

    It seems incredible - but it's true. We think there are a few good companies out there, but just a few in our experience.

    By the way, we're not saying this to try to convince more people to use us, we are already very busy (sometimes too busy). We're just shocked at how generally bad most pest firms are, and want others to realise the truth, as we're also not convinced that these rogue pest firms will change any time soon.

    Although there is various legislation in place, unfortunately for buyers of pest control, the PC industry is really self regulated.

    We think this leads to firms getting away with poor standards (i.e. there's a lack of teeth to punish firms that are consistently poor). It seems the management of these firms are more focused on making a large profit (a numbers game), rather than putting enough focus on providing an ethical, good quality service. We don't think it's the technicians that cause this (in general) - but rather their managers who push them to do too many sites in a day - meaning they can't spend enough time on a site, and over time things get bad. We are generalising and there are no doubt some exceptions, but generally that's what we have found over the years.

    There have been several pieces done on rogue trader programmes over the years (you'll find some fairly easily with a search on the internet), but these seem to mainly focus on smaller residential jobs by smaller firms. We're not aware of something done on a larger scale on one of the larger firms - exposing the poor practise (and worse) performed by some larger PC firms - e.g. consistently poor PC service on a contract in larger settings for industrial, commercial or residential block environments. 

    We mainly work for commercial/industrial clients, however maybe you are a residential client though - with a pest problem? Note the links on this post - especially the DIY one. If you want expert help, to protect your most valued asset (your home), and your loved ones. Call MG Pest Control.

    Note some of the 'dirty tricks' many PC firms get up to:

    1. Heat treatments - a con, avoid

    2. Not servicing all controls

    3. Poor servicing of controls

    4. Illegal servicing of controls

    5. Illegal bird control

    6. Up selling to clients to increase the costs - for unnecessary or very overpriced work (especially heat treatments)

    7. Lies about what can happen, e.g. you won't get a smell re rodents, because we use special bait, or they die outside

    8. Firms using a trust scheme of some sort (there are many out there), to try to show a better image than reality. Many of these trust schemes allow the member to select who can give a review (obviously you won't ask people you know aren't happy right?), and they can also filter out the poor reviews - all to make things look much better than they really are (a con?)

    We could go on...