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  • The Heat Treatment Con

    We are still finding more and more customers calling us, because they've had a very high quote from another pest control company saying they need heat treatment. To treat cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs usually - and sometimes for moths.

    Often the heat treatment is sold as -  "...we will heat certain items using a 'heat pod'..." or something. This will kill the eggs and pupae etc...

    MG Pest Control believes the heat treatment offered, is a 'gimmick', an expensive 'CON'. A company can offer this as a great way to push their price up considerably, e.g. a normal residential cockroach treatment of say £240 to £300 + vat, becomes £1,500 - £2,000 + vat maybe! A residential flea treatment of £120 to £240 + vat, becomes £800 - £1,400 + vat or more!

    The problem with heat = with fleas, bed bugs, and cockroaches especially - the encased stages might be anywhere, under the floorboards, behind skirting, behind a wall timber baton holding up a bar. No one knows. So, how is the heat pod going to work - particularly for these 3 pests? Or even if the house or room is being heated. In truth it isn't going to work! It's a con. Most people won't understand this, and may be taken in by the sales person (who is earning commission based on the sale).

    The treatment will invariably still involve chemicals - i.e. sprays, gel's - insecticides of some sort. The insecticide probably will work. If used properly, in the right places, right amounts, and the right insecticide - it always works. So, no need for the heat bit - right! The problem for the sales person, the chemical bit isn't that much cost - so how do we push the price up?

    With moths - assuming it is a textile pest type though - heat treatment might be effective to some extent. As the eggs and pupae are more likely to be on the food source. E.g. your natural fibre carpet, clothes, curtains etc... Do note though there's only a handful of moths that will damage your clothes, carpets etc... out of the some 2,400 or so species of moth in the UK. See http://www.ukmoths.org.uk/. However, companies offering heat treatment hugely overcharge in our view (we often hear from clients quoted in the thousands!). They use your fear and the theory of heat treatment to exploit you and push the charges up. Chemical methods are far more effective, and cost much less.

    There are also a few moths that lay eggs in foods, e.g. the Indian Meal Moth (these are known as SPI pests). Heat treatment is not the best method of control for these. Insecticides are a better form of control, together with disposing of the affected/infested food stuffs.

    It is true that insecticide can only kill non encased stages of a life cycle. The larvae (grub or maggot), or adult. If there is an egg or pupae, no insecticide can kill this.

    However, severe heat or cold can kill the encased egg or pupae. But, as mentioned above - no one knows for sure where these encased stages are, especially for bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas (but often also for moths). You know what though - that doesn't matter - you don't need to know. All you need to do is treat with insecticides, and give it time, and repeat treatments as needed - job done. The encased stages will hatch out, and come into contact with the insecticide at some point, and die. NO NEED FOR HEAT !

    So - Be warned of sales staff (and any pest control company) trying to sell you a heat treatment!

    Note the links below taking you to some pages on this subject; and the failings of heat treatments, e.g. if a company tried to heat the whole house - there's a good chance of damage to parts of the house, or things in it. And it still won't work.

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