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  • Engine with Rodents

    Engine with Rodents - MG Pest Control get a fair few calls from clients with a suspected rodent problem in their car. Upon inspecting the car, there is clear rodent damage. Rodents are attracted to the warmth of the car, plus shelter, especially as the weather gets colder. Rats also like the insulation around the wire system in cars and vans, as well as lorries.

    If you are seeing rats near your vehicles, definitely do something about it. If rats, or mice, chew the wiring system - this will be expensive to repair, not to mention very annoying.

    Note the link below, showing an engine with greasy takeaway remains, regarding a recent Mirror story of rats in a van engine.

    The picture at the bottom shows the remains of a dead rat removed from the top of a car engine in Romford. In cold weather, they will look for the strangest places to keep warm. Once they are in a car, they can cause significant damage; chewing cables and upholstery. As mentioned before, this can be expensive to fix, not to mention the inconvenience of losing your car for a while.

    If you think you have a rodent in your car, give MG Pest Control a call.