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    Mice are the most common pest we see - by miles. Probably 80% of what we do is killing mice. Most of the searches on our website, relate to mice.

    If you have mice, and need pest control, what works:

    1. A cat? Like many buildings in London, Essex and Kent, Downing Street is constantly trying to control and prevent mice infestations. In our experience, cats don't make much difference. In fact, a cat can even introduce a mouse issue - bringing a live mouse as an offering. Cats are pampered and not in the food chain, so rarely perform well as a pest controller for mice.

    2. Sonic plugs? We visit lots of places with these, but they still have mice!

    3. Snap traps? You'll catch some, but you won't control the mouse issue with just snap traps.

    4. Glue Boards? They work (the DIY ones don't work that well though), but are cruel and very time intensive - messy as well.

    5. Poison? Works really well, if you have the right poison, and know what to do with it (cavities are key - under floor boards, attic etc...).

    If you just put lots of small mouse bait boxes down you can buy on line or in some shops - or, if a pest control company visits, and put small boxes down, and doesn't focus on the cavities (e.g. under the floor boards, under bath, attic etc...), then it probably won't work. You'll still have mice.

    NOTE - re Internal holes - Don't worry about the small internal holes. Blocking these is the wrong thing to do. Because you'll still have mice in the cavities, and they may chew a wire or a pipe. The internal holes are useful - they tell you there's an issue, and you can also put bait through them, into the cavity, which is where the mice are living!

    NOTE - re External holes - if you live/work in part of a building, flat, terrace, semi - then blocking, proofing external holes probably will do very little - except cost you more money with the pest controller. If all the holes for the building aren't proofed (if you own a detached building then proofing is worthwhile), then mice can get through holes in the parts of the building you don't own or control, and then come along to you via cavities.


    6. Electronic Traps? We have found the rat version of these works very well (but often you can't get them where the mice are, e.g. cavities).


    At MG Pest Control we recommend you have a proper pest control strategy in place to tackle the mouse issue. If you are in Kent, Essex or London, give us a call if you'd like to know how we catch mice.