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  • Rat in my kitchen

    Rats have been in London for centuries.


    Go to - http://londonist.com/london/history/london-rat-s-tales.

    To see an interesting article about some of their history in London.


    We find the history of this rodent in London fascinating. How people back in the day controlled rats on London's streets.

    Certainly looks like rats are here to stay - with our sewer system (perfect home for them), and the amount of our waste food on offer - due to poor waste management. The waste food problem, which rats feed from, seems to be getting worse and worse.

    The sewer system under London's streets is huge. These sewers are full of rats. The sewer system is a perfect place for rats. Constant temperature. Water and food. Shelter, and no predators really in the sewer to control rats.

    At MG Pest Control we have found the number of calls for a rat in a kitchen (and elsewhere in a home) is increasing. Probably this is due to the way we all live nowadays. Fast food, and the ever increasing rubbish we produce. Plus we are all living closer and closer to each other. More and more homes being modified - which can introduce an easy way for rats to escape the drain system, gaining access into our homes. Plus the newer builds use plastic pipes and drains, which rats often chew their way out of - seeking shelter and food.

    Rats are opportunistic. Looking for ways to survive. Always seeking food and warmth, as well as safety.

    Internal rat issues are hard to diagnose. The way rats find a route into a building is often very elusive, as it's hidden. Terrace blocks are sometimes impossible to find rodent entry points (as often the people living in the terrace won't pull together as a team). Rodents may be coming into the block somewhere else. Then coming along a floor, wall or roof void (cavity) to you.

    With rats it is key to work out how they are getting in. We have found that most rat problems in homes are caused by a fault under the building somewhere, with either the storm or foul sewer. This will need a good drain inspection (we work with one of the best in the drain business for this) - to properly diagnose the fault.

    Do you live in Essex, Kent or London, and have a rat problem?

    Call MG Pest Control for free advice, or book us in for a survey and treatment. We are very experienced at troubleshooting rat issues.