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  • How to control mice

    This time of year mice love to enter buildings.

    Mice especially like cavities - under floor boards, in lofts or attics, under baths, in kitchens etc...

    So often we see either DIY or sub-standard so called professional pest control - involving electric sonic plugs, and bait boxes against walls. Also, lots of effort made proofing/blocking up internal holes. This is the wrong approach, and will fail.

    REMEMBER - internal holes are good. They warn you of the mice presence, and allow you to put bait through the holes, into the cavities, to kill the mice.

    Controlling mice inside buildings is simple if you follow the right method. This involves placing the right strength bait (0.005% professional grade), into the right cavities.

    It means you won't know where'll they'll die, which means a chance of smells and flies - however that passes after a week or two. It's better this, than letting the mice breed in your building, spreading damage and germs, as well as chewing wires or pipes, and the damage that can cause.

    We were recently called into a very large warehouse in south London, where the current multi billion £ Pest Control firm (who'd been there for years) was not addressing the cavities. This meant the mice weren't being controlled, and had now increased to huge numbers. We had the issue under control within 4 to 5 months.

    If you have a mouse problem, and have lost faith that you're getting it under control - give MG Pest Control a call.

    We cover London, Essex and Kent. We are very experienced at tackling mice inside buildings. Whether it's residential or a large commercial or industrial setting we know how to get a mouse issue under control. We use various techniques to quickly gain control. We have found that most pest control companies do not use some of the techniques we use. If you are not using a pest control company that knows how we tackle mice, you probably have a mouse problem.