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  • Moth Damage

    There are some 2,500 or so different types of moth in the UK.

    See (and click for links to more info) the pictures above for the most common moths causing textile damage.

    Moths are one of those pests that we sometimes get called for, and it's not the type that eats your clothes or carpets (i.e. a textile pest moth). Or the type that eats your foods.

    There are a few moths that will cause textile damage (the larvae does the damage actually). Most of these belong to the Tineinae family of moths - which are becoming less common these days, due to our homes becoming drier and warm. There's a few beetles whose larvae will also eat your textiles, e.g. two spot beetle and the varied carpet beetle (pictures above).

    There are other moths, less common - which most other pest control firms don't seem to know about - some shown below (some moths larvae also like bird feathers or guano, and you might find them straying into your home, from an attic or chimney). 

    Most of these pictures are from http://www.ukmoths.org.uk/. If you need to know about moths that damage your foods (Indian Meal Moth for example) - please also call us - and we'll explain what can be done. Or, have a good look at the UK Moths site.

    Beware of companies trying to sell you expensive heat treatments. The theory is right, but in practise it's impracticable, and might damage other things you own, as well as not do what they claim it will do.

    Therefore, if you're not sure, call MG Pest Control, and we should be able to guide you on what moth you have. If it is the type that damages your clothes and carpets, we have effective methods to control or get rid of them, and it's not nearly as costly as heat treatment. You might be surprised.

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