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  • Rodents love bird feeders

    Springs not far away, and shops are now selling bird feeders.

    MG Pest Control continues to see lots of bird feeders when visiting sites.

    The problem with bird feeders is that rodents quickly learn they are there. It is an easy meal for them, and encourages them to come to your garden, or close to your building. From there they may then find ways into buildings, including your home, or work place.

    If you are seeing rodents, stop using any bird feeders (or putting out bread), and this should make a difference. Of course, it may be that the rodents have burrowed in nearby (or on your land), so they may still hang around for a while. Or worse they may decide to enter your buildings, if they haven't done so already.

    Also, ensure you control your waste as effectively as possible. Ensure you have enough bins, and the bin lids are closed. In addition, ensure the bungs are in place in the bottom of each bin. Make sure that the waste is collected regularly.

    These simple steps will help to reduce the rodent pressure in your area. Reducing rodent pressure will help prevent rodents accessing your building(s). However, you might need our help, to get things back under control.

    In Essex, Kent or London - call MG Pest Control for advice regarding how to avoid rodents, or for effective help with rodents.