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  • Rat and Mouse Proofing

    Ways To Control Mice and Rats indoors - some of your options:

    Proof external holes. This helps, however, unless you're in a detached building, rats and mice can come through from adjoining properties. Mice especially can access the smallest holes; so it is very difficult to keep them out. Plus even if you're in a detached building, don't proof external holes too soon, as this will trap the rodents in the building, leading to smells and flies, if poisoned to control.

    Electronic Repeller Plug. So many properties we visit have these, but they still have mice/rats. We therefore conclude they don't work.

    Spring Traps. In our experience of several years now in Essex, Kent and London - you can't control a mouse or rat problem with just traps. You will catch some, but you won't get them all.

    A Cat. A cat can't go into the areas where the bulk of the mice/rats are. The bulk of mice/rats are in the cavities. Also, with cats they can introduce the problem. They sometimes bring in a live one perhaps as a gift to their owner. Fleas are also usually (98%+) caused from owning a cat.

    Poison bait. This always works - if done correctly...... However, you need the right poisons; make sure they are well within date, and strong enough (0.005%. DIY bait is much weaker - 0.003% or less). You also need to control all other food sources. Poison must be used correctly. You need to know how to use poison, and where, as well as how much. Poison used incorrectly can harm non target animals, not to mention not control your rodent problem. With poison however, the rodents might die somewhere not accessible - so you'll have a smell and perhaps some flies for a week or two (we estimate there's a 20% chance of this). This is better though than live rodents chewing things you might not want them to chew. Wires and pipes, as well as contaminating surfaces, foods, passing illnesses onto you and your family etc... Some might tell you the poison they use dries the mice out, or makes them die outside (so no smells or flies). This isn't true - so beware of (avoid) anyone saying this.

    Proofing internal holes. This is a bad idea. Internal holes (to cavities) warn you of the existence of mice or rats in the cavities. Plus you can use the holes to get bait into the cavities, to kill the rodents. If you block all the holes, the rodents are still in the cavities, but you can't get to them. It might make you feel safer, blocking the holes to prevent the rodents from coming out of the cavities. BUT, they are still there - right. They are breeding and chewing. What if they chew something important. Pipes and wires are in the cavities. This could lead to a fire, a flood, or a gas explosion! DON'T stick your head in the sand, and block the internal holes, thinking you'll be ok. You won't be. You must get rid of the rodents.

    Companies pushing proofing only solutions = BEWARE - There are a number of 'alternative' companies out there, that advocate proofing as the best way to get rid of rodents. RUBBISH! They are cowboys. Poison is the best method. It works every time, if done in the right way. Let us explain why proofing internal holes is very foolish. Say you have a rat issue. 95+% of the time rats get into the cavities via a sewer/waste system fault. So how does blocking internal holes in your loft/kitchen help that? It's not going to stop the sewer rats gaining access to the ground floor cavity for example, from a waste system fault. That needs a specialist drain contractor to locate the fault, and repair it, as well as a very good pest controller to kill the rats. What if it was mice in the cavities. They simply gain access from outside, through the smallest of holes. Also remember no rodent does just one door number. They do a building. So, how will blocking internal holes stop the mice getting into a building at one end say, and coming along to your part of the building? It won't. DON'T listen to the nonsense these alternative firms preach re proofing is the only method needed. We are often called into to places that have tried a proof only firm, to sort things out, where the proofing hasn't and doesn't work.


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