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  • Plug for Mice

    There is a big variety of plugs out there for mice, rats and insects - that claim to repel them.

    BUT - do they work?

    When we are called to treat a pest issue at a home (or business) - whether Hornchurch, Romford, Upminster, Chelmsford - wherever in London, Essex or Kent - we so often see pest plugs have been bought. Usually several have been bought. They cost anything from £15 to £69 (plus postage), per plug - so, the cost can mount up.

    Many would not be surprised by pest control companies (who make a living from dealing with pests) being negative about such plugs. But, the fact is that we see so many of these plugs (probably 60 to 70% of the pest issues we are called out to, have purchased them). So why do these homes and businesses still have a problem? Maybe these plugs are a bit of con? Perhaps the companies selling them know people that are scared, will try almost anything to deal with an issue. I.e. they're vulnerable, and open to what seems to be professional help?

    Our view - the plugs clearly didn't work in the cases we were called out to !

    Not that long ago USA Today reported on a legal case in the states, where a manufacturer of these plugs is being sued - evidence has been shown of mice being attracted to the plugs - not repelled ! See the link below.