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  • Pest history in new home? Or home you’re selling?

    21st May 2022 | Blog | integ362
  • You have moved to a new home, but after some months, discover you have a pest issue.

    Did the seller know there was a pest issue? What can you do?

    For years the law use to be caveat emptor (buyer beware) – putting the onus on the buyer to do due diligence when buying a property. However, the law changed in 2013, so selling a property now falls under the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations. Now the onus is on the seller to divulge anything of importance. Click the LINK above = Quittance article (What must a seller disclose when selling a property?).

    Pests is something that a seller must disclose, especially if it is an ongoing rat problem for example.

    If the seller hasn’t been honest, and not disclosed a serious pest issue, there could be a legal consequence. The buyer could sue the seller. So whether you’ve bought, or are selling – honesty is key.

    If you are selling, and have particularly an ongoing rat problem, it’s a good idea to call us for help – as we can help you understand what your options are regarding how to resolve the longstanding rat problem. We mention rats in particular, as they are usually caused by a fault in the waste system. Pretty much all other pests e.g. mice, cockroaches, pigeons, fleas, bed bugs can be resolved. BUT, with rats – this can be very difficult to resolve, and almost impossible to solve if you’re attached to other houses – e.g. a terrace or flat. As the fault could be in a part of the building you don’t own or control. But we can still help you understand what to do.

    If you’re detached, it’s much more likely that the rat problem can be fixed, because you control the whole building!