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  • MG Pest Control is a full BPCA member

    Using effective, but humane and legal pest control solutions

    Are you sure that your current supplier is effective and compliant? Are they exposing you to risk?

    Have you been taken through the CRRU Code?

    To understand pest control best practise, and the law relating to pest control...call us.....if you want to know more.

    The best solution for your pest problem

    We guarantee to give you the best advice, to quickly resolve and manage any pest issues, to keep you safe.

    Tried and tested pest control expertise with professionally qualified technicans

    Detailed site plans - clear control, and compliance.

  • Residential

    Our focus is to quickly work out what's happening, and provide what you need, effectively, with as little disruption as possible. We realise how expensive home life is (our business being family owned). The last thing you need is someone more focused on sales, rather than what's best (and more than adequate) for the given pest issue. We won't prey on your fear, to push the price up. We guarantee we don't do that (we are honest, and have a conscience).

    Industrial / Commercial

    It is likely you'll need a contract with ongoing pest prevention and control. We will take you through what the law and best practice is - to stay absolutely legal. The last thing you want is an issue revealing non-compliance - you'd be surprised at how severe the penalties can be - including unlimited fines and/or custodial sentences. We started in 2010, and are amazed at how many sites we have come across, where the customer is being 'ripped off'. Quite often illegal practice is being used by the current supplier. We use an approach, with detailed control, easy for you to follow, which really will give you a good sense of what we are doing. No more 'what's that pest control guy really doing...when were they last here...?' - with us, you will know. And it will follow best practice, be legal, be good value for money, and be very effective.

  • Whether you are a film set, school, factory, port, shop or a resident - we have pest solutions for any size of issue to suit any home or business, fully compliant with the law and our industry's guidelines. Plus, we guarantee to give you the best advice and service or your money back.

    Wherever you are in Essex, London, or Kent. Hornchurch, Upminster, Romford, Gidea Park, Harold Wood, Harold Hill, Brentwood, Cranham. Dagenham, Rainham, Elm Park, Rush Green, Great Warley, Warley, West Horndon, or Bulphan...and more.

    Call MG Pest Control - even if you don't use our service, we'll still give you great advice.

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  • MG Pest Control ......... we think we're unmatched for service

    We provide a professional, legal and prompt pest control service to residential, industrial and commercial customers in London, Essex and Kent.Our pest control services protect your home, family and pets. Businesses can take advantage of our free site survey prior to implementing a contract (no obligation though) to fully protect your site.

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  • Pests we cover below: .....Call 01708 441615........we also cover foxes, mites, SPI and others

  • We deal with all types of ants....give us a call to discuss yours.

  • Make sure it is bed bugs - they often get confused for bird mites - much cheaper to tackle.

  • Please don't be tempted to spray them with a can of something, you'll make matters worse!

  • 99% of the time we treat fleas, we have found there's a cat involved. Is your cat treated?

  • You would be amazed at how dangerous flies really are - one minute on the toilet brush, next on your sandwich!

  • Of all the rodents these love being indoors the most. However, they are easy to tackle, if you know how.

  • Probably one of the hardest pests to stop - if you love your garden, call us.

  • Call us to ensure it is the sort of moth that eats your clothes, carpets or foods. Most don't!

  • You'd be surprised at how strict the law is - you often can't shoot them. We know the law.

  • These guys normally prefer outside, and can be very destructive. Call us if you are worried.

  • Unfortunately, when they are in your loft, you really must act fast - call us.

  • During the warmer months, especially late summer onwards, these are a real pain.

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    Will Take Telephone Calls Everyday - 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    Normal work hours 9 to 5 (M to F) 9 to 4 (Sat)
    Additional charge for work outside normal hours

    Pest history in new home? Or home you're selling?

    You have moved to a new home, but after some months, discover you have a pest issue. Did the seller know there was a pest issue? What can you do? For years the law use to be caveat emptor (buyer beware) - putting the onus on the buyer to do due diligence when buying a property. However, the law changed in 2013, so selling a property now falls under the Consumer Protection Against [...]

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  • You can trust us because we are a full BPCA Member.

    We also strictly comply with the CRRU Code of Best Practice (CRRU COBP).


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