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  • Bed Bug Pest Control Romford

  • Bed Bug Pest Control Romford

    Bed bugs really do thrive in our homes, as well as other environments where we sleep.

    They are difficult to spot because of their nocturnal habits. The most obvious sign of bed bugs are bites on the skin that can become itchy and swollen for some time and specks of blood left on the bedding. For any commercial business, immediate action is necessary.

    They feed on human blood, but when they lack a ‘host’ can lie dormant for up to 18 months. If well-fed they will live for 6-9 months, and the female lays some 150 eggs that hatch in 10-20 days, reaching adulthood as quickly as nine weeks – it’s not difficult to imagine just how easy a bed bug infestation builds. And they are becoming a growing problem, particularly in hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs, but increasingly in the home as well.

    Are you a company or resident based in Romford needing urgent help with a bed bug problem?

    If you think you have bed bugs, call MG Pest Control now, for the best advice and bed bug treatment.

    We'll talk you through what to do next. 1st to be 100% sure it is bed bugs. Providing us with pictures or some you've caught...or a survey. We'll then take you through our bed bug pest control approach, and our treatment guarantee.