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  • Cockroach Control Romford

  • Cockroach Control Romford

    99% of cockroach infestations MG Pest Control see, involve German Cockroaches.

    100% of the time the cockroaches have been brought in somehow (unwittingly): 

    - You may have stayed somewhere (that had cockroaches). Or,

    - Maybe you had someone stay with you (that had cockroaches in their belongings)

    - Perhaps you purchased something - a fridge for example, that had a cockroach issue. For example - never buy second-hand white goods.


    Cockroaches are successful at spreading quickly, and are difficult to get rid of; unless you use the best control methods, and treatment.

    In large blocks, that needs co-ordination. In commercial settings, it normally means prevention is needed in locker areas, kitchens, T points and the like.

    If you are having a problem, do not try to treat it yourselves, this often makes it worse. For example, using a spray, will make them spread further into your building. Making it even more difficult to treat. Call MG Pest Control for professional advice and treatment.

    Are you a company or resident in Romford with a cockroach problem, needing help? Wherever you are based in Essex, London, or Kent call MG Pest Control for an effective cockroach pest control solution.