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  • Do It Yourself Pest Control

  • Do It Yourself Pest Control

    We visit lots of different places - companies and residents.

    Quite often we come across DIY pest control in operation.

    We understand that it is annoying when you have a pest issue. So you want to fix it fast. However, what never ceases to amaze us is the amount people will spend trying to sort a pest. Buying traps, poison, sprays, sonic plugs, tracking dust, strange smelling liquids, using conkers etc...

    But still the pests are thriving !

    If you have a problem with your car - you use a mechanic right?

    When your roof tiles have blown off your roof, you call a roofer?

    You want an extension - you find a good builder?


    So, why do so many still think, "I can sort this pest problem"? Of course there are occasions when the pest issue is quite light, say a small garden ant issue in the kitchen, and a DIY product may be enough. That's great.


    Of course we also understand, it is difficult inviting a stranger into your home - how do you know you can trust them? Also, for some companies - where the money is tight - how can we solve the issue, and stop staff moaning, for as little cost as possible?


    For residents - your home and family are precious to you. If the pest issue is a bit tricky, recognise that, and call in a professional pest control company with trained staff.

    For companies - you must legally protect your staff, and things you sell to the public - call in a professional pest control firm, with fully trained technicians.


    Are you a company or resident considering DIY pest control?

    Wherever you are in Essex, London, or Kent. Hornchurch, Upminster, Romford, Gidea Park, Harold Wood, Harold Hill, Brentwood, Cranham. Dagenham, Rainham, Elm Park, Rush Green, Great Warley, Warley, West Horndon, or Bulphan.

    Call MG Pest Control today - even if it's just for sound pest advice.

    We will give you an honest appraisal. Sometimes the pest isn't one, and we happily tell people don't worry. For example - spring time - lots of people think it's a wasp - but it's just a solitary bee. No problem. Leave it bee (pardon the pun).