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  • Fly Issue

  • Fly Issue

    Good Housekeeping and proofing are important to effectively tackle a fly problem.

    But also using the right fly killers is key.

    Firstly - 'Zappers' are expensive to run. In addition, they blast pathogens out into the surrounding area (causing stomach upsets). They won't catch the really small ones (too small to sufficiently bridge the gaps in the grid). Therefore, we tend to steer clear of these in most settings (there are some settings where they are useful though).

    We always recommend - If you're trying to protect a kitchen or food area of some sort, we recommend using 'sticky board' technology fly killers. These are cheaper to run, and all flying insects get stuck, not blasted. Therefore, no pathogens are blasted onto food prep areas for example.

    However, it also depends on what type of fly is causing the problem.

    Maybe it's blow flies, meaning something may have died somewhere (e.g. a mouse). Perhaps it's drain flies, meaning a water issue of some sort. Or it might be cluster flies - attracted to the tops of some buildings at certain times of the year. Whatever the fly is - we'll quickly help you understand what needs to be done.

    Are you a company or a resident needing fly pest control help? Wherever you are in Essex, London, or Kent. Hornchurch, Upminster, Romford, Gidea Park, Harold Wood, Harold Hill, Brentwood, Cranham. Dagenham, Rainham, Elm Park, Rush Green, Great Warley, Warley, West Horndon, or Bulphan.

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