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  • Home Flea Pest Control Hornchurch

  • Home Flea Pest Control Hornchurch

    Are you a Hornchurch resident with a flea problem at home? Wherever you are in Essex, London, or Kent Call MG Pest Control for fast help with fleas.

    Fleas have 4 stages. 2 of these stages are eggs and pupae - no insecticide can kill these 2, as they are protected with a casing.

    Therefore, MG Pest Control focus on treating all the floor areas as much as we can access. A good residual insecticide, which once dry - continues to kill the adults trying to get to you. This works for several weeks after treatment. You can't vacuum or clean the treated areas though - for several weeks. Just a light dust pan. Often one spray is enough - but sometimes more are needed, if it's a heavy infestation.

    Call MG Pest Control for an effective flea pest control treatment in your Hornchurch home.