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    We can usually treat a mouse issue (for residential properties - depending on how large the building is) in one visit. Commercial properties would likely need a contract.

    Mice love living indoors (it's safer and warmer for them), and they don't know about door numbers - they occupy a building, not a door number part of a building. Mice especially nest in cavities, or outbuildings that are not visited regularly.

    They breed very quickly (every 21 days), and before you know it, you have a serious problem. They are so small they are able to get to almost anywhere - which is very troubling, when you're finding droppings on your desk at work, or in a desk drawer, or the cupboard at home in the kitchen, by your food.

    In addition, they chew things - and that can be serious if it's a rubber gas pipe (typically there's a rubber gas flexi hose at the back of cookers with gas hobs for example - SO, know how to turn off your gas supply, at the meter, if you smell gas), or a plastic water pipe (could cause a leak or a flood), or an electrical wire - causing electrical faults (or a fire in some cases - MAKE sure you have a modern consumer board with RCD protection).

    Also, note that house insurance often doesn't cover damage by vermin/pests - so if that concerns you, call your insurer to find out if it's covered, or whether it can be added (we're not talking about pest control (which may be sub standard anyway) BUT cover for any damage caused by vermin/pests).

    Imagine, you go on holiday, come back after 2 weeks, and there's a flood, because a mouse chewed through a plastic water pipe that was under mains pressure. Your insurers send a surveyor around to check for what caused the damage etc... they find proof that it's a rodent issue, and then you find out you're not covered for that risk! That could be very expensive.



    In our experience, poison is by far the most effective method, we haven't had a single mouse issue we haven't been able to resolve, since we started in 2010...FACT.

    OK - we don't know where they'll die, so there's about a 10% to 20% chance you'll get some smells and/or flies (for about 2 weeks)...but it's surely much better to kill them ASAP, to prevent all the other issues - fear, panic, damage/cost, pathogens etc...



    Sonic plugs (we have seen literally hundreds of places that have these...BUT they still have mice...think about what that must mean)

    Traps and glue boards (you'll catch some, but then they get wise and become shy of the traps and boards...so you don't catch any more)

    Proofing (if you're not detached, mice don't go by door numbers...so they'll get into another part of the building and come along)

    Repellant (Seriously...don't believe anyone that reckons some smell or thing of some sort will keep mice away...that's nonsense. Tell them we said so)

    NOTE - some think that plugs, traps, proofing, repellants have worked. They tried one of these methods, and it went quiet. However, that's probably because coincidentally they stopped seeing the mice for a while, but chances are they are still in the cavities, breeding and chewing. They have probably been in the cavities for years, but because they are pretty small and quiet, most people don't realise they are there. People think they are only there if they see one occasionally in the living room, kitchen etc... and if they stopped seeing them in the living space, then all is well. BUT it isn't really is it...if they are still in the cavities. Your utilities are in the cavities also! The cavities are still part of your home, and there could still be a problem (gas leak, water leak, electrical issue/fire).



    Bird seed? It's seed (NOT bird seed). Guess who else likes seed...rats and mice do. Stop putting seed in your garden, and encourage your neighbours to stop also. Seed (bird or otherwise) is like ringing the dinner bell for rodents!!  Think about it...Why don't you see pictures of rodents on 'Bird' seed packs - not too good for sales we reckon?



    The good news is, with the right approach mice are pretty easy to control. Give us a call, and we'll explain more about what we can do to eradicate and control your mouse problem.

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