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  • Pest Control You Can Trust

  • Pest Control You Can Trust

    There are many pest control companies around these days.

    How do you know which to trust?

    You can TRUST us because we:

    1. Are full members of the BPCA

    2. Are also SafeContractor certified

    3. Fully comply with the CRRU Code of Best Practice (CRRU COBP) - the pest control industry's code of best practice.

    4. Will allow you to call some of our customers (you can choose who), for their views on us.


    The BPCA logo (shown above) has a link taking you to their site. Explaining why you should choose a BPCA member.

    In addition, at the bottom of this page, you'll see a 'Think Wildlife' logo - click it - taking you to the CRRU COBP, to learn more about it.

    The BPCA and CRRU are experts in pest control (so we feel their approval of us, is more valid and appropriate, than one of the many trust schemes out there - more on these trust schemes below).

    The BPCA exists to continually improve the standard of pest control. Noting there is also the very real prospect of more legislation, to control the pest control industry even further than today.

    We also agree to do CPD (continuing professional development) each year, to continually improve our knowledge of our industry.

    The BPCA audit us regularly, which includes going through what we do in great detail and visiting some of our clients sites to inspect our work in the field. They also follow up on recommendations or observations they make.

    The CRRU COBP exists to be strictly followed, ensuring pest control is done correctly - to target pests effectively and better protect you, as well as not affect non target animals - such as Barn Owls.

    Note - we don't have to subscribe to the BPCA but have chosen to. To show we care about what we do for you, and to demonstrate that we will always do our best for you.

    The BPCA also have a complaints procedure, which we would 100% co-operate with. In the many years we have operated, we've always been a full BPCA member, and not had 1 complaint. You can check with them.


    NOTE - the CRRU COBP must be followed by every pest control company. It is not optional.

    Therefore - has your supplier taken you through what the CRRU COBP is ?     They should have !

    If your supplier breaks the law, depending on the circumstances - this could also expose you to prosecution, not just them (even a custodial sentence) !




    There are also many 'trusted review methods' pest control companies can use to help them win your trust, e.g.:

    1. Facebook and Google reviews

    Are all the reviews genuine?

    Ours are - but we would say that right? Judge for yourself though - we do have a lot of 5 star reviews (SEE BELOW for links), and we think you'll see they are real.


    2. Paid for Trust Schemes

    There are many out there. As of today - For some schemes it may be too easy for an applicant to be selective - to give a better impression than reality. E.g. often the applicant decides who to invite for a review or reference - maybe not asking those they know are not happy? Some schemes, allow a user to filter which reviews are shown on their website. Perhaps just the 4 and 5 star reviews are shown on the member's website? Some schemes do an entry check/vetting - but no auditing of the technical detail relating to pest control. To check whether an applicant/member is performing legal pest control for example, in practice. In line with the CRRU COBP detailed earlier.

    Please note - we are not saying these schemes are not valuable or worthwhile. But are saying there are weaknesses, that can be exploited by some applicants/members, to show a better picture than the reality.

    WE QUESTION - If the organisations running these schemes know little (sometimes nothing) about pest control; then in reality - how good is the quality of the reviews (or the applicant/member) in relation to the detail of pest control? Plus, the members pay these organisations a fair amount of money to join the trusted scheme (a conflict perhaps?).

    We have thought about using a trust scheme - but decided against it for the reasons/weaknesses we highlighted.