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  • Pest Control Heat Treatment Upminster

  • Pest Control Heat Treatment Upminster

    We are receiving calls from more and more customers that have had very high quotes. From other pest control companies recommending heat treatments. To treat cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs usually - and sometimes for moths.

    MG Pest Control believes these heat treatments are normally a 'gimmick', an expensive 'CON'. A company can offer this as a great way to push their price up considerably, e.g. a normal residential cockroach treatment of say £240 to £300 + vat, becomes £2,000 + vat maybe! A residential flea treatment of £120 to £240 + vat, becomes £1,400 + vat or more!

    Heat treatment is sold as -  "...we'll heat certain items using 'heat pods'..." or something. This will kill the eggs and pupae etc...

    BUT for fleas, bed bugs, and cockroaches especially - the encased stages might be anywhere, under the floorboards, behind skirting. No one knows. So, how is the heat pod going to work - particularly for these 3 pests? In truth it isn't ! It's a con.

    The treatment always also needs chemical sprays or gel's - insecticides of some sort. The insecticide probably will work. If used properly, in the right places, right amounts, and the right insecticide - it always works. So, no need for the heat bit - right!

    For moths - assuming it is a textile pest type though - heat treatment might be effective. But be careful, and see the link below containing more information on this.

    It's true that insecticide can only kill non encased stages of a life cycle. The larvae (grub or maggot), or adult. If there is an egg or pupae, no insecticide can kill this.

    However, severe heat or cold will kill the encased egg or pupae. But, you do not know where these encased stages are, especially for bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas.

    That doesn't matter though - as you don't need to know. All you need to do is treat with insecticides, and give it time, and repeat treatments as needed - job done. The encased stages will hatch out, and come into contact with the insecticide at some point, and die. NO NEED FOR HEAT !

    So - be wary of sales staff trying to sell you unnecessary and expensive heat treatment!

    Note the link below - has more information on this issue, and contains links to other authorities on the failings of heat treratments.

    If you are a company or resident in Upminster and you need good advice - Call MG Pest Control.