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  • Pest Control Near Me Hornchurch

  • Pest Control Near Me Hornchurch

    MG Pest Control takes pride in providing the best quality pest service. To ensure our customers are given the best service possible.

    Are you are a company or resident needing good quality pest control in Hornchurch? Wherever you are in Essex, London, or Kent you should call MG Pest Control.

    We have a lot of experience tackling mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, squirrels, pigeons, ants, moths, bed bugs, flies and wasps, and others. At MG Pest Control we tackle these pests in any setting - a film set, a home, warehouse, port, farm, restaurant - anywhere.

    In addition - the good news is that with the right approach controlling pests can be of the highest quality. For any business or home. It can also be provided quickly to provide fast relief.


    We so often (in fact - usually) come across sub-standard pest control.

    This results in pest issues, bad advice, illegal activity - and the exposure that causes. Fines and bad PR. As well as not getting what you have paid for.

    Note the various fines issued by authorities - some for £100,000's - because the pest control isn't good enough. Note the link below re a well known pub chain fined over £100,000 for mice. Also you will have seen ASDA in the national press recently (fined over £300,000 for a mouse issue). The internet is full of 100s of other examples of fines for pest issues.



    Call MG Pest Control, and we'll explain more about what we can do to provide you with the best pest control help. References can also be provided - we believe any of our customers will give a good report on our service.