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  • Proof Solar Panels for Pigeons Hornchurch

  • Proof Solar Panels for Pigeons Hornchurch

    We are experienced at controlling this pest in every setting in Hornchurch. Solar panels, lofts, warehouses etc...

    We also know the law with regards to wild birds... This is key - to ensure whatever solution is used, it's completely legal. Break the law, and you risk unlimited fines, as well as a custodial sentence. Even if the supplier broke the law, you as land user and/or land owner are also liable!

    Another area that gets missed regularly we have found, in commercial/industrial settings is the law around health and safety risk assessments. Some of the pathogens from pigeons fall into hazard group 3. A group higher than 'weils' disease or legionella, yet most haven't risk assessed this. Even though the law says you must (especially if you have 5 or more staff - this must be written). Our pest control solutions, will be your control, resolving the risk, and we can show you what you need in your risk assessment.

    There are more and more solar panels appearing these days in Hornchurch. Problem is though, pigeons will soon nest under them, if you haven't proofed them. MG Pest Control are very experienced at proofing solar panels to prevent pigeons nesting under them.

    Are you a company or resident in Hornchurch needing help with pigeons under your solar panels? Call MG Pest Control for a fast solution to your pigeon solar panel issue.