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  • Wasp Pest Control Upminster

  • Wasp Pest Control Upminster

    This pest has been around for a long time. Wasps are amazing though. However, they are a real nuisance and scary when you have a wasp dive bombing you at your Upminster BBQ.

    With Spring the Queens are out from their over winter nests. Starting to build their nests up with workers. By late summer she may have a few thousand worker wasps working for her and the colony.

    As the days shorten, and you're using your lights more indoors, especially early morning or late afternoon. They are attracted through your open windows. Especially if there's a nest on your house somewhere. We often get calls come late summer/autumn. Where someone has a few hundred of them come into their house through an open window, attracted by a light.

    MG Pest Control have a lot of experience tackling this pest in virtually every setting you can imagine. At every time of the year. We even worked on the film 'Mr Holmes'. Providing and controlling the wasps on set, for some opening scenes in the film. This was with Sir Ian McKellen. Our wasp can be seen at 21 seconds on this trailer.

    Are you a company or resident in Upminster? Wherever you might be in Essex, London, or Kent. Call MG Pest Control for effective wasp control.